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Is it time for a new driveway?

Looking to give your existing driveway a new lease of life?

Then look no further than Linemark UK

We have been helping customers in for many years and we have built up a wealth of knowledge and experience - when it comes to creating beautiful driveways - call us.


Newly laid block pave driveway and pathway combined.

block paving driveway and fencing installed

There are many advantages of using block paving, apart from their aesthetically pleasing look, they are also extremely durable and little maintenance is required.

These blocks are available in a wide range of styles, colours and textures and can be laid in almost any pattern you specify.

A variety of edgings can be used, but a block pave edging to compliment or contrast the main driveway gives it a fantastic finish.

Steps can be made to fit in with the driveway, if they are needed.


Indian Sandstone and Paving Slabs,

Gravel comes in many sizes and colours


Linemark UK are a family business.  We have over 18 years of experience building and creating driveways, paths, and patios.


More and more people are considering the cheapest option of either moving home or improving on their existing family home.  

We will help advise you make the right decisions on choosing the best driveway for your property.

Considerations such as the best materials to use, laying pattern, texture and colour are all important so that the driveway enhances your home.

Updating the garden and making it more of a feature by incorporating a patio and even paths to break up the landscape.  Walled planters are also useful idea.

Our friendly team will be on hand to guide and advise you every step of the way.


To ensure your new driveway lasts it’s important to carry out proper preparation.

Removal of the old driveway.

The depth needs to be inline with the amount of vehicles using it.

Laying down a hardcore, level and compact.Installing a weed free membrane.

Laying sharp sand, level and compact.

Installing drainage, where necessary.

Laying block pavers, edgings and any designs that may be incorporated, also allowing for any drain covers.

Kiln dried sand is brushed in between the joints of block pave and compacted.  This allows for the natural movement of vehicles and stabilize the blocks.




We are  block pave specialists and have been creating and installing driveway for years.

Block Paving is extremely popular and a block paving driveway will enhance your property.

It is important, if required, we lay/install water drainage products.

Drain covers can be installed to fit in with the driveway.

Contact us for more information (Contact Page)

Block paving is a very popular choice for both domestic and commercial properties

It is an excellent product for driveways, paths & patios

As block paving is a manufactured product it also means that it is uniformed and well suited for its practical use

Aesthetically Pleasing to the eye

Weatherproof - it is able to withstand our changeable weather

Able to withstand the wear and tear of vehicles


Available in different sizes, shape , colour and design

Enhances any property, and may even add value to your property

Long lasting

Requires little maintenance

Should any of the blocks become damaged or oil stained, they can be replaced without lifting the whole driveway

Our Guarantee

All of our work is guaranteed.

14 day cooling off period following new quotes.

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Block Pave Maintenance

Block paving requires very little maintenance, however, it does need cleaning from time to time.

Cleaning Service

Dirt, debris, moss and even weeds will make the driveway unsightly.

We offer a cleaning service that will bring your driveway, path or patio back to its former glory.

We tackle the weeds and then thoroughly clean the driveway.

We can also offer a sand and seal service

Even after cleaning the block pave driveway, it still retains some of the kiln dried sand, however, it will benefit from having a top-up service of brushing new kiln dried sand into the joints of the block pavers.

Other Services

Driveway Cleaning Services

Sanding & Sealing Services

Fencing Installations, including posts & plinths

Turfing laid


We build Extensions & Build Walls.  We can add Garden Walls, Garden Steps or doorway steps.

We always plan for water, add drainage wherever required.


Edgings add support to a driveway, path or patio.  A variety of materials are available to build a driveway and edgings can compliment or contrast the driveway.

There are a variety of edgings which can be used, using different materials, shapes, sizes and designs.

A long driveway with  kerb installations.

Driveways need to be well built with good preparation.

Paths and steps can be incorporated into the same design as the driveway or patio.

Garden paths and steps can help with access to your garden.

Provide easy access for wheelchair users, and break up the landscape into separate areas.

Steps are also of benefit if the garden is sloping.


We provide a comprehensive and uniform repair service, to repair damaged drives and at a reasonable and competitive price.

This includes:

Cracked Paving Blocks


Water Erosion